Lignite 2018

With about 166.3 million tons, lignite production in 2018 remained below the previous year’s result for the sixth year in a row (-2.9 %).  However, the development in the individual mining districts varied: In Central Germany (+2.2 %) the extracted coal volume was higher due to the improved availability of power plants.  In the Rhineland area (-5.4 %) and Lusatia (-0.8 %), however, it fell below the previous year’s result.

The manufacture of refined products based on lignite decreased in total by 1.4 % to about 6.6 million tons. Increases were reported for fluidized bed coal (11 %) and coke production (2 %). The briquette production (-6 %) and the production of pulverized coal (-1 %), however, remained below the previous year’s result.

At the end of 2018, the number of employees working in the German lignite industry amounted to 20,851 people. This figure includes more than 1,300 apprentices and almost 5,000 employees who work in the lignite companies’ power plants supplying the general public. In total, more than 70,000 competitive jobs are secured by lignite mining and power generation in Germany.